Angelika Lee with Katie Fahey – Season 6 Episode 4

Join host Angelika Lee and this week’s guest Katie Fahey in a special extended length conversation. Katie started the movement Voters Not Politicians that has worked to get anti-gerrymandering Proposition 2 on the ballot November 6th. Katie also co-founded the Grand Rapids Improv Festival whose 2018 run starts on Thursday, November 1st with a pub crawl. You’ll learn a lot in this episode!

music by RocketManXiX. Check him out around the web:


Angelika Lee with Dany Redwine – Season 6 Episode 3

Join host Angelika Lee and this week’s guest Dany Redwine in an hour long conversation. Follow Dany Redwine’s Twitter and Instagram. You can find out more about Dany Redwine in this short film.

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